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Guyana, formerly British Guiana, is the only English-speaking country in South America, and its neighbours are Venezuela, Brazil, and Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana) to the west, south and east respectively. Although on the South American continent, Guyana is regarded as the only country in the West Indies -- the rest of the West Indies are island states

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Guyana Folk Fest 2003 Highlights Norm On CricketSpreading the word in South AmericaScenes from Easter 2000Memories of JonestownXCL Expeditions 2000ZSSD Conservation Field Trip to Guyana* Requires a JavaScript-enabled browser.
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So you are going to Guyana and need to know how to renew your passport or apply for a new one. Or maybe you need to know how to arrange that special hinterland holiday. Here is a good place to start.
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A few helpful hints to enhance your viewing success on this web site.
The Guyana Outpost Bookstore has over 100 books listed on topics related to Guyana. Books are conveniently categorized and placed "on bookshelves" such as History, Sociology, Economics, and more.
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This Guyana Photo Album contains many photos of Guyanese landmarks, flora and fauna, as well as links to other web sites carrying other photos.
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Guyana Third Force
Last Lap Lime
The Mittelholzer Foundation
This is a comprehensive collection of over 400 recipes from Guyana and the Caribbean, assembled from various sources including emails, the WGML Mailing List, and from memory.
Recipes range from the Classic to the esoteric. A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is also provided to help with questions regarding meal suggestions, ingredients, terminology used in some of the recipes, and much more.Click here for Recipes
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